Julie Taylor, Co-Founder

People, creativity and commitment have been the center of my compass through out my business tenure.  With 25 years of sales, marketing, training and development experience I have created a diverse platform for business.

With a recent opportunity working in the eldercare industry, I uncovered the need to create a simple, user-friendly educational resource that helps clients gather information needed to build a solid foundation for retirement.  Realizing their needs before they do is my focus at Family Spokes.

Our vision is to proactively help others facing the challenges of an aging population.

I received my Bachelors of Science from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln with a degree in Home Economics, focusing onEducation, Family and Resourses.


Kathleen Pallesen, Co-Founder

Co-founder, Kathleen Pallesen is a licensed practicing attorney in Omaha, Nebraska since 1991, with experience in adult and juvenile guardianships, probate and estate law.  Kathleen’s true passion is assisting her clients prepare families for retirement.

With an extensive legal background in juvenile and elder care issues, I found my greatest strength revolves around helping those in need.  With a lifetime spent managing guardianships, probate and more recently estate law issues, a mission was instilled in me to create a resource that meets the needs of multiple generations planning for retirement.

The vision to educate, alleviate and simplify this burden has been the catalyst behind the development of Family Spokes.  My passion, background and repsonisbility to others has lead me to my next endeavor.

Kathleen holds a BS degree from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas and a law degree from the University of Nebraska College of Law.

A visionary who has a sincere desire to help the “sandwich generation” balance their many conflicting repsonsibilities, she is committed to the vision of Family Spokes.